The Sinclair Lewis It Can’t Happen Here quote of the day:

In chapter 7, at the political convention at which Windrip is nominated to run for president, one of his cohorts reads out a letter purportedly making Windrip’s platform clear:

“…the letter explained that [Windrip] was all against the banks but all for the bankers–except the Jewish bankers, who were to be driven out of finance entirely; that he had thoroughly tested (but unspecified) plans to make all wages very high and the prices of everything produced by these same highly paid workers very low; that he was 100 percent for Labor, but 100 percent against all strikes; and that he was in favor of the United States so arming itself, so preparing to produce its own coffee, sugar, perfumes, tweeds, and nickel instead of importing them, that it could defy the World…and maybe, if that World was so impertinent as to defy America in turn, Buzz hinted, he might have to take it over and run it properly.”

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