Catching up: 3 Weeks at the New School’s Summer Writers Colony in NYC


View of New York from 10th  floor of the New School's Stuyvesant Dormitory opposite Stuyvesant Square.

A view of Stuyvesant Square and midtown New York from 10th floor of the New School’s Stuyvesant Dormitory.

I’ve missed a couple of months–have a lot of catching up to do, right?  Today–a little on June.  I spent the first three weeks, participating in the New School’s Summer Writers Colony (and the last week, catching up on sleep.)  In New York, it was crazy-busy with work to do from morning to night, with only a little time for exploring the city.  The fiction workshop, which I attended, was okay, as were the craft talks, but the two most interesting talks were given by a publicist, Lauren Cerand, and by Josh Getzler, a straight talking agent.  (Personally, although a publicist’s job is to come up with ideas to promote a book once it is sold to a publisher and on its path to publication, I wonder if it would be helpful to one could hire a publicist to help figure out where a book fits in the market before approaching publishers.  I wonder if, for a fee, a good one would take something like that on….)

More catch-up tomorrow.

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